Monster Super League Apk Full MOD Terbaru

Download Monster Super League MOD Apk Versi Terbaru for Android Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollypop, Marsmallow and Up

Hai sobat.... selamat datang di blog Download Game Android MOD, kali ini saya akan berbagi game android keren nih. Game yang akan saya bagikan kali ini berjudul Monster Super League Apk for Android. Game ini merupakan salah satu game yang lagi nge-hits nih.. Game keren ini gak kalah seru lho dengan game Pokemon Go, . . Bisa dikatakan game ini merupakan game pokemon go versi 3D. Keren bukan? Dengan grafis yang halus dan keren, kalian gak akan bosen jika bermain game ini. Banyak fitur-fitur keren yang bisa kalian dapatkan di game ini Sob, mulai dari grafis (lokasi, wahana yang menakjubkan), Evolusi monster menjadi lebih kuat, dan masih banyak lagi...
Bagaimana petualangannya? Buruan download game ini..

Monster Super League Info

Game Name : Monster Super League
Requirement : Android 4.0.3++
Format : APK

Monster Super League Features

# Astromons Assemble!
From humor to sytlish, meet Astromons of all sizes and shapes!
Explore more than 550 types of Monster Astromon Super League!

# I chose you!
Astromons rare and mysterious shooting in this area!
Development and Ascend Astromon your interests!

# Evolve and Grow !
Evolution will affect the appearance and Astomon your skills!
You can walk all Astromons to 6 stars!
Astromon your progress with your own unique way!

# Combat strategy!
Even Astromon and may differ from the properties or fighting style.
Assemble your party to survive the region and the different situations
and enjoy the adventures and battles!

# Fill your Airship!
Had a great time with you on the plane Astromon you!
Sometimes you may even have a surprise guest!

# Socialize with friends!
Chat and interact introduce your friends!
Offer tips and get suggestions from players around the world!

# Being stronger in a different way!
Combat is not the only way to become stronger!
Achieve faster growth for fruits, and additional staff with a gem!

# Content diversity!
Explore eight different areas with a unique storyline!
Challenge yourself daily dungeon for a better gift!
Battle against other Astromon Astromon prize!
Start the adventure countless monsters in the Super League!

Monster Super League Screenshot

Monster Super League Apk Full MOD Terbaru
Monster Super League Apk Full MOD Terbaru
Monster Super League Apk Full MOD Terbaru

Untuk bermain game ini, silahkan download terlebih dahulu dengan mengklik link download yang sudah disediakan. Ohiya sob, jangan lupa untuk berkomentar jika kalian kesulitan ketika mendownload game ini, . . Selamat menikmati.. :)

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